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Adam Copeland was born in Dayton, Ohio on December 18, 1979.  Adam is an inventive singer-songwriter, and  an accomplished musician on the guitar. Adam joined the Rumpke Mountain Boys in 2005.


Adam has had an infatuation with music his entire life. Growing up, he was exposed to a broad range of musical influences leading him to his first guitar when he was 12, a right handed Sears electric that he flipped over and painted.  Adam fell in love with guitar and for the next couple years took lessons learning to play mostly grunge rock. Nirvana's Insecticide and Bleach (lefty), Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and then onto classic rock-- Hendrix(lefty) Floyd, Zeppelin, Allman Brothers.


Over the next few years, Adam's skill on the guitar increased and he started to appreciate acoustic music more.  He was exposed to more complex music, especially the works of Bob Dylan and the Greatful Dead. Those influences led him to recognize Jerry Garcia on the cover of an Old and In the Way cd in the discount bin at the grocery store.  As Adam puts it, “best four dollars I ever spent...which solidified my love of bluegrass.”


By 2002 Adam had started a band with some friends called Amber and the Dirty Bathwater Boys. They played throughout Ohio and Kentucky for a few years, even opening for Rumpke a couple times, until disbanding in march of 2005. That day Adam called the booking agent for RMB and asked who was on guitar at the time. The answer was no one as they had been playing guitar-less for a few months. Adam asked for an audition and the band said yes he could, at a show in a few days.


Adam has been playing with Rumpke ever since.



Adam's current stage setup is a Lariv'ee guitar through an LR Baggs Venue DI.



Adam's original compositions:


Meditation Blues

Middle of the Air

Pickin' Until Dawn

Call Your Bluff

A Koala Bear Crapped a Rainbow in My Brain


Raven on the Line





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